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Urgent appeal for our Therapy team in Nepal

The Nepal earthquake struck at 1158 on Saturday, April 25 2015. The Magnitude 7.8 earthquake lasted for over one minute but violent after-shocks continued all day and late into the evening. As a result roads are impassable and houses collapsed.  Luckily being a Saturday, all offices and schools were closed so casualties are lower than might have been predicted.  However, the casualty rate is growing and people are sleeping in the streets due to fear of further tremors, apart from losing their homes.  As can be imagined  people are very traumatised.

You can imagine our relief when we learned that our therapists Kedar Gandhari, Amrit Gandhari & Kendra Gandharba, our Administrator Yuzeena  Sherstha and our trustees are all alive.  But they have lost their homes and the homes of their families and are living in the most dire conditions. Despite the extreme conditions they are all eager to get back to helping their community.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia and the urgency for us to support not only people with special needs but the whole community is great.  Very little opportunity already exists for the disadvantaged members of society.

Our music therapists are trained to work in areas where extreme conditions exist and are competent to work with people suffering from the effects of war, disasters and grief.  Being able to help their own people immediately, and to know they are being supported by all of us, will ultimately help our therapists to heal through the power of music. 

We are aware our therapists are undergoing their own personal suffering but being professionals and having trained to work in such extreme conditions we are all eager to get them back to their music therapy work as quickly as possible. Therefore, we beg you to give them the immediate support they need to make this possible.

The Otakar Kraus Music Trust (OKMT) is a UK registered charity founded in 1991 by Dr Margaret Lobo FRSA MT to provide music therapy for people with psychological, behavioural, learning or emotional difficulties, in order to improve their quality of life. 

TMTTN (Nepal) is a registered Not for Profit Organisation based in Kathmandu. It was set up by Dr Margaret Lobo in 2010 to provide Clinical Music Therapy and workshops across Nepal.  It is fully funded by donations and legacies mostly from the UK. 

Margaret and her husband Walter ensure that all funds raised are transferred directly to our Trust in Nepal and are fully accounted for and regular bulletins will be issued to donors so that they will be aware that every donation made is making a real difference to those who need it.

OKMT (UK) in partnership with TMTT (India) & TMTTN (Nepal) has a programme ready to immediately start training teachers and special educators in schools, hospitals, orphanages, care-centres and organizations working in Kathmandu and nearby cities. 

Your help will enable us to reach thousands of children and their families over the coming months. 

Our Nepalese therapists are employed and supported by The Music Therapy Trust Nepal (TMTTN) under the umbrella of the OKMTrust UK.

Your thoughts and offers of help will be greatly welcomed by all of us here and certainly by those in Nepal. Thank you for giving us your time and attention and together and united let us see what we can do!


Our administrator in Nepal sent us the following email -

Dear All,
As you all are aware of the condition here in Nepal. Our country has gone through the worst natural disaster in 82 years. Even though we survived, we are still traumatised and  our hearts are crying seeing the condition of people who are suffering from this disaster. Nepal’s trying hard to crawl in terms of development but this very disaster has pushed it back again. We don’t know when we will get normal again.
There’s an anticipation of epidemic, which will make the condition even worse. Nature hasn’t been kind to my country in last few years be it avalanche in Everest in last September/October or the enormous landslide in Sindhupalchowk last year. 
However, we are still positive and strong to save our country. We are trying our level best to help our country people.
We need your love and support in this hard time.
Let’s pray for Nepal!

“… Music Therapy has brought a quality of joy into my child’s life”

was founded by Dr. Margaret Lobo in 1991 to provide music and voice therapy for children and young people with physical, psychological, learning, behavioural and emotional difficulties.

Music has a universal appeal, moving us at all levels of our being: body, mind and spirit. Its communicative power transcends verbal or physical barriers, creates a connection and unlocks creativity.

Music Therapy harnesses this power to enable people who find it hard to communicate through traditional channels to express and fulfill themselves. It opens a door towards a better quality of life.

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